Record heat in the Northeast on Friday?

It’s not yet astronomical summer solstice, but tomorrow is effectively the first day of summer for New England and the Mid-Atlantic. With highs forecast to approach 95 degrees in Boston and Providence, 89 in New York, and 91 in Hartford, CT, the Northeast is apparently going to be the second-hottest region of the country on Friday, behind the desert Southwest.

With a persistent high pressure centered on the East Coast, Friday also looks to be sunny. Wear your sun block! This applies to people driving into the area for Memorial Day weekend, too — in the absence of tinted glass, sunlight can and will shine through your car’s window and cause sunburn! I know this from personal experience.

The lack of moisture in the air during peak heat hours will likely reduce the heat index and lower the risk of heatstroke, but it will raise the risk of dehydration. Anyone traveling to the area for Memorial Day weekend should remember to bring LOTS of water with them, in case they have vehicle problems or run into traffic jams and have no air conditioning. This is the first time since last year that this sort of heat was recorded in the Northeast area.

Forecast for Boston: High 94, UV index of 10, low humidity (~18-20% at peak heat)

Forecast for New York: High 89, UV index of 10, low humidity (~25% at peak heat)

Forecast for Bangor, ME: High 92, UV index of 10, low humidity (~17% at peak heat)

This type of weather is going to be the story everywhere in the region. Hot, sunny, and dry. Stay lathered up with sunscreen if you are exposed to sunlight, and stay hydrated!