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Cartoon of meMy name is Erin Thead, and I am a doctoral student in Earth & Atmospheric Sciences at Mississippi State University. (This is my own web site, though; they have nothing to do with the content or the hosting.) My Master's degree is in meteorology, and my undergraduate degree is in software engineering. I have combined the two fields of study for my research. My Master's thesis was about the use of a statistical learning machine algorithm to forecast lightning, and my dissertation will be about some aspect of the topic of numerical weather modeling. After I complete my doctorate, I hope to work at a national weather/climate research lab.

UPDATE June 13, 2014. You might have noticed that this site looks different. It needed to be upgraded, and I think this color theme is an improvement. I have also reorganized the heading menu, though no links should be broken. I have simply consolidated all hobby-type material into one heading. I have added a new page about my meteorology research as well. The overall intent was to place more focus on my professional work.

This is my personal website and two blogs. PolitiCalypso is my personal, political, and culture blog. Synoptic Flow is my weather blog. Neither blog is frequently updated anymore, because doctoral dissertation work occupies a lot of a person's time, but this may change in the future, so the blogs are not going anywhere. I custom-built the main site—that is to say, the site that you are reading—and the WordPress theme for the blogs, and I maintain everything on this site independently. The main website contains mostly creative work that I have done relating to subjects that interest me, and the time frame for the work spans over a decade.

For more information about me, visit my About Me page.

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Types of Climate-Change Skepticism

22 Jul 2014

As a meteorologist, I’ve obviously got some thoughts about anthropogenic climate change.  Let’s get those out of the way first, so that it’s clear exactly where I am coming from.  (Also, there is an increasing trend, with political polarization, for people to simply name-call in "response" to a viewpoint with which they disagree.  To the [...]

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